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As reported by Lara Logan on 60 Minutes "The Gambler" featuring sports betting legend Billy Walters

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A little about me...

The biggest IMPACT of my life happened in 1968 when my father, Pete White, uprooted our family from Florida and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.

You see, I grew up in the sports betting industry, LITERALLY!

I learned the industry on my father’s knee, at 9 years old I learned all the x-factors to successfully form the betting lines in sports.  I’m talking, weather information, injuries, coaching strategies, and player power ratings.

By 24, I was the youngest sports book director in the state of Nevada.  At 26, I opened up my own company: Nevada Sport Executives setting opening lines for the industry.

My clients were 15 of the top Sports Books in Las Vegas, including, the MGM Resort & Casino, Mirage Resort & Casino, and the famous Stardust Resort & Casino.  My clients top priority, the line, the chalk, the odds.

Let’s face it, sports betting is a bottom line business…  The more accurate the line, the better action, and the better returns.

So you see how I grew up in the business.

Fast forward years later in 2003, I ended up buying out Las Vegas Sports Consultants, known around the Las Vegas circles as LVSC.

LVSC was another home run. In fact, to put its success in perspective, the entire state of Nevada profited over $1 billion dollars from 2003-2008 from my numbers.  That's right, my clients profited a combined $200,000,000 per year with the lines I released across the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and College Sports.

I ran Las Vegas Sports Consultants for five solid years until eventually in November of 2008; Cantor Gaming acquired the operation.

No matter how you dice it, I’ve undoubtedly developed a knack for handicapping professional and college sports....  I created the opening line!  In fact, I won the famed Stardust Invitational in unprecedented back-to-back years... setting a contest record with a winning rate at 69%.

Over the years I've been a featured guest on some of the most prestige shows and publications, feel free to take a ganders.

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